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Rise up to the ladder of peace with the best online yoga classes in India. We bring to you a mystical renaissance and ultimate benefit of yoga practice through our yoga classes online. We heal, strengthen and provide you with mindfulness. Master the art of serenity with Ashocha.

Ashocha - Best Online Yoga Classes in India

Ashocha is home for healing your physical mental and spiritual stress and finding harmony with tranquility. Let’s connect virtually in our live yoga classes online at your preferred time and learn to practice the art and science of living. Each soul is different as so is our approach towards them. We make sure that your package of Diet plan and Yoga is tailored-made according to your problems and body type. We help you work on your personal relation that can be your spouse or kids. We listen to all your concern and help you get all the answers to your queries. Trust our best online yoga classes India and experience the happiness sprouting in you.

Why Ashocha for Online Yoga Classes?

Yoga is all about accepting oneself and treating your mental and physical flaws. Our online yoga classes in India helps you to follow conventional yoga practice, that will lead you to experience serendipity. Ashocha helps you with custom yoga asanas that heal your stress and joint pain and calm your soul from inner sword fighting. Feel the importance of life with Pranayama. With personal yoga classes online at Ashocha, get access to activate kundalini chakras. These chakras help you to heal your stress, anxiety and depression holistically. Diet plans and counseling to detoxify your body and thoughts. Ashocha is your perfect companion that motivates you to be your best version.
Yoga trainer doing Pranayama
Practice Yoga.
Anytime. Anywhere

Adopt a healthy lifestyle by including yoga in your daily routine with our Yoga  programme.

Trainer Is Doing Yoga For Beginners

Yoga Classes For Beginners

We have designed the best online yoga classes in India for beginners where we will guide you into the realm of starting with the basics. Our focus will be on body alignment and breathing mechanisms. The range of body motion and further enhancement will help in attaining the utmost flexibility. We Help you to gently come out of your comfort zone and extent the boundary to break the cocoon of self-doubt.

Yoga Classes For Wellness

With Ashocha’s online yoga classes, you access all the health benefits associated with yoga. You will get better physical fitness, improved heart, lungs, and overall body functioning, better cognitive, mental, and emotional health and so much more. We help you to rediscover your lost aura and spark.
girl doing yoga to get a healthy lifestyle
Yoga asanas to acquire strength

Yoga Classes For Strength

Get a muscled and toned body through Ashocha’s online yoga classes. We perform yoga asanas that focus and build each part of your body, ranging from shoulders to core and legs and unlock your stronger version.

Yoga Classes For Flexibility

Greet Namaste! to a flexible you with Ashocha’s online yoga classes in India. With better flexibility, you get improved physical fitness with increased range of motion, better posture, reduced muscle tension, body aches, stress and risk of injuries. It also helps you to strengthen your body immunity to fight any disease.
Yoga trainer doing yoga for flexibility
She Is Doing Yoga For Pregnancy

Yoga Classes For Pregnancy

Join Ashocha’s online yoga classes for a healthy body during pregnancy. Our tailored sessions will strengthen your key joints and muscles to prepare for your prenatal time & labor, restore breathing patterns and relieve stress and anxiety. Cures pre- and post-delivery aches in lower abdomen and back pain.
Practice Yoga.
Anytime. Anywhere

Adopt a healthy lifestyle by including yoga in your daily routine with our Yoga  programme.

Yoga Classes For Obesity

Obesity is one of the most harmful medical conditions which yoga can alleviate. With Ashocha’s online yoga classes, you will be able to kick off obesity, rebuild and improve your health naturally in a holistic manner. But maintaining a routine is essential to get the desired result.
A Trainer Doing Yoga Asanas
yoga to do to improve women health

Yoga Classes For Women's Health

Women handle multiple roles in their life apart from handling constant physiological & psychological changes in their body. With Ashocha’s online yoga classes, they can access special sessions that cater to “her” needs and provide overall well-being. It includes regulating menstrual cycle, balancing hormones, managing mood swings and maintains proper blood flow for skin glow.

Yoga Classes For Corporates

Along with salary package, Stress and anxiety come additional tax in a corporate employee’s life. Each job is associated with many problems and diseases. With Ashocha’s online yoga classes, you will fight all of them and be more productive. With a calm and focused mind, you can effortlessly achieve your targets.
Professionals Doing Yoga in corporate sector
Kids learning and doing yoga

Yoga Classes For Kids

Physical activity is essential for the healthy growth of a child. With Ashocha’s online yoga classes, specially designed for children, your kid will grow in a more holistic manner with a healthy mind, body and soul. They will from the very beginning have a strong value of confidence and will be focused. Their mental balance will help them to take wise decisions without getting influenced.

Frequently Asked Questions

The timing of the yoga classes online at Ashocha is your time. The time that suits you is the time when you can access our live yoga classes online.

Ashocha is all about you. Your preference matters the most. If you are comfortable in Hindi the yoga classes online will be in that language. If your comfort zone lies in English, it will be that.

There is a simple step to join live yoga classes online. You can open the website of any yoga classes online, like and follow the website procedure. You have to:

1. Register yourself
2. Register your mobile number
3. The same is to be done with e-mail
4. Proceed to pay

And it is done. You will be given an access code to the personal yoga classes online. You can now begin your journey of being fit and beautiful outside and happy and peaceful inside.

Ashocha has never being a channel of rigorous yoga institute to push you in a routine that calls for physical workout only. Ashocha is a place that heals with yoga and holistic healing. Ashocha has always priorities the concept of complete you.

1. We take care of your mental issues
2. We take care of your relationship issues
3. We will help you manage your relation with your kids
4. We will help you treat your physical constraints

Overall, we will help you to experience the actual meaning of tranquility. You will learn yoga online with experienced Yog gurus and certified counseling.
Being with Ashocha you will have all the access to serenity and The Ladder to Peace.

It isn't possible to mention all the benefits in here, but to clarify, there are several benefits of practicing YOGA with Ashocha Online YOGA Classes.

1. Dedicated attention
2. Recording of the sessions
3. Live interactive classes
4. Online Community to boost you
5. Regular counselling session

And to know more just log on to Ashocha: best online yoga classes India

Yoga is about diving into a mystical environment that promotes holistic healing. There are so many platforms from where you can learn yoga. Facilities like online yoga classes have given no-excuse motivation to stay fit. Though it is challenging to incorporate all the benefits of yoga, a few of them are mentioned below:

1. Yoga helps to strengthen balance and improves flexibility.

2. Yoga helps you to fight physical issues like obesity, back pain, joint pain, diabetes etc.

3. Helps in encounter female struggles like:

     -Regulates menstrual cycle

     -Eases the journey of pregnancy

     -Treats PCODs and PCOS

4. Yoga helps you to tackle mental health




5. Yoga helps you to be fit and mentally balanced

Several yoga classes are online, but Ashocha is way more different than anyone. Here is why Ashocha is different from the rest:

1. We listen and treat accordingly

2. We understand body type and mental health

3. Focus on strengthening and help you identify yourself

4. Yoga and holistic healing meddled together

5. Complete package of yoga, diet plans and counseling

Ashocha is a thought that broke all the myths and Falses knitted around yoga and pranayama. Instead of trapping in unrealistic lures and false promises, Ashocha promises to start and end the journey together. We stretch a hand of compassion to you and pull you out from the swamp of poor mental health and physical constraints. so, precisely Ashocha is the best online yoga classes India.