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Yoga For Asthma

Join Ashocha’s Yoga program to live and breathe easy, as you will learn to perform asanas to cure asthma for better living.

Ashocha's Yoga For Asthma Patients

Asthma is one of the most fatal and paranoia-inducing ailments that can flare up at any moment. Inhalers and medicines can be a potent deter, but applying Yoga for asthma cure is beneficial for life.

About Ashocha's Yoga Programme for People With Asthma

The yoga asanas for asthma plan we’ve carefully designed is to expand the airflow and the capacity of your lungs. We ensure asthma attacks will be a thing of the past by applying these features-

Yoga poses for treating asthma

Benefits of Yoga For Cure Asthma

Asthma yoga treatment through Ashocha’s treatment program has a wide variety of benefits to offer.


Improved Blood flow

The asanas for asthma patients are highly effective in improving blood flow leading to better blood oxygenation.


Detoxify your body

Asthma yoga treatment cleans your body from all the toxins and the lungs from the pollution in the air.


Improved Stamina

Yoga for asthma patients can prove to be highly vital in building greater stamina for the lungs muscles.


Higher Immunity to diseases

Asthma is a highly fatal disease, and the patients are at risk of getting flu lung-based infections. Yoga for asthma programs is a great opportunity to build Immunity against side effects.


Reduce Asthma Attacks

Yoga poses for asthma tend to improve the airflow of oxygen and greatly reduce stress.


Greater strength and flexibility

While doing yoga asanas for asthma, you will notice greater strength and flexibility in the entire body. It is a program that not only solves asthma but promotes greater well-being.

FAQs of Yoga for Beginners

When done carefully and according to a person's medical history, Yoga is highly effective. Our experts are here to guide you through every step of the asanas to cure asthma problems. We create a proper schedule that will, step by step, build your stamina and lungs capacity. If you commit, You can greatly reduce the severity of asthma issues.
The mental and emotional state can severely stress the lung's capacity. The increase in stress can be a trigger point for asthma patients, so relaxation is an important aspect. We have included meditation in our Yoga for asthma program.
Yes, the dependency on inhalers can be severely reduced, but whether it will be fully removed is not guaranteed. You would have to consult with your doctor after asthma yoga treatment for a period and get checkups.
If possible, live outside the city, far away from pollution, dust, and pollen areas. Ensure healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet to ensure proper nutrition pertinent to lung health. Try to do asanas early in the morning for fresh air and rejuvenation.