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About Us

Ashocha brings you peace in body and mind. We imbue physical, mental, and spiritual serenity through the discipline of yoga and the help of counseling.

About Us


Ashocha is all about wellness with you to the core. We are dedicated to showing you the way towards a healthy and fulfilling life. We imbibe yoga with all its benefits and positive effects alongside counseling that heals the intangible parts. Be it your physical health, emotional health, mental health, spiritual health, or social health, We can help deal with everything. Ashocha is the initiative taken to spread all these benefits to everyone.

By everyone, we mean “Everyone!” The children, the elderly, working professionals, pregnant women, people with acute or chronic diseases, a beginner or non-beginner. Ashocha is here to bring the healing benefits of yoga & counselling to everyone.

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Our Mission

Ashocha started with the aim to show people a healthy way of life and a way to feel calm & relaxed. We strive to help people having issues like obesity, diabetes, stress, and depression due to their lifestyle with the help of yoga and counseling.

Our Vision

Ashocha sees the world living a healthier and happier life by practicing yoga and seeking help through counseling. We’re working to see people dodge diseases with our help as we bring ASHOCHA to their life.

Our Founder

Founder - Shweta Solanki

Shweta Solanki is a certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. Practicing yoga since childhood, she’s a diploma holder in Naturopathy and a Masters in Yoga Therapy. So far, she has trained innumerable students in yoga and has provided yoga therapy to over 1000 patients and helped them deal with many chronic diseases.