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Yoga For Health & Wellness

Yoga means wellness. Join Ashocha’s Yoga For Wellness program and see a physically and mentally fit you with much improved strength, metabolism, emotional and cognitive health.

Ashocha’s Yoga For Wellness Program

Health is not merely absence of diseases. It is an expression of your physical, mental and emotional health. Ashocha’s Yoga For Wellness program is for anyone who wishes to practice yoga for a healthy life.

About Ashocha's Yoga Wellness Programme

Ashocha’s Yoga For Wellness programme is exactly what you need to start practicing yoga for a healthy body. Join our sessions from the convenience of your home at your favourable timings. Our well-experienced instructors will guide you through your journey of yoga for healthy body.

Trainer is doing Anulom Vilom Asana

Benefits of Yoga For Wellness

Balance your mind and body with Ashocha’s yoga wellness programme. Whether or not you’ve any physical or mental issues, with yoga, you’ll lead a healthy life.


Improved Physical Fitness

Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga are some of the schools of yoga that you’ll practice to improve your body’s physical strength and overall physical fitness.


Improved Emotional Health

Practice yoga and meditation and find yourselves brimming with positive mood and resilience. You’ll be emotionally healthy and have a sense of happiness and well-being.


Improved Mental Health

You may have anxiety, depression, stress, panic disorders or any other mental illness. Regular practice of yoga will help in preventing and reducing these issues.


Improved Immune System

Yoga can have beneficial effects on your immune system’s functioning. Several studies have established that yoga and meditation can alter the immune-related genes for better.


Improved Cognitive Abilities

Yoga works wonders when it comes to improving cognitive abilities. With a regular yoga practice you’ll see a significant improvement in your mindfulness.


Prevent & Manage Diseases

Yoga and wellness are synonymous. Just by practicing yoga, you’ll have a better posture, better sleep, no pain or stress, and prevent many chronic diseases.

FAQs of Yoga For Health & Wellness

Yoga for healthy body and Wellness program is to use yoga as a form of physical, mental, and emotional therapy. A combination of yoga asanas, meditation and pranayama will show you promising results. It’ll help in building your immunity and you’ll feel rejuvenated.
In meditation, you focus on a single theme for a length of time and disallow your mind from wandering. Through yoga practice, your mind is focused entirely on your breathing and controlling muscle movements. Thereby facilitating mental relaxation and concentration.

Just practicing yoga asanas will not benefit you. A yoga session including asanas, meditation and pranayama along with a balanced diet and good lifestyle will help you in achieving true wellness. Physical or mental, you’ll be well on all levels.

If you practice yoga under the guidance of an experienced instructor, there are no side-effects. If you’re overdoing it or doing it wrong, you may get some injuries. Else, even people with cases like fractures can practice appropriate yoga asanas.