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Yoga Classes For Beginners

Enter the realm of yoga with Ashocha and meet a new and better you. Starting with basics, improve your breathing, flexibility and body’s range of motion.

Ashocha’s Basic Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for beginners could be the beginning of an existence of wellness and awareness. In this day and age, the majority of people practice yoga to get physically fit, however many people realize that yoga is more than the physical benefits it can provide.

It is true that it can aid in keeping a person in top physical condition. It’s considered as a truly flexible exercise, and a variety of exercise have been taught to people of various age groups with different standards of living. Yoga for beginners could be overwhelming, however we cannot deny that the majority of those who begin their journey to yoga for the first time will be disoriented and overwhelmed. But don’t worry as there are some basic rules that yoga beginners must keep in mind to be mindful of anything that can cause them be nervous.

What’s Yoga?

In Sanskrit which is the ancient language spoken in India, Yoga interprets to “union”. It refers to the union of body, mind, and the spirit. The physical postures that a lot of folks in the West consider when they think about them are often referred to as postures. Asanas, or postures, that are physical are only a small part of the eight-limbed system. The large portion of this system deals with the spiritual and mental aspects of the self, instead of the physical.

Which Type of Yoga Should You Choose?

There are a variety of yoga that you can choose from. The gyms and studios typically offer vinyasa as well as hatha to begin. The word “hatha” in the dictionary refers to regular, since all styles are yoga based on hatha. However, the classes that are designated as hatha tend to be slow, gentle and focussed on the basics of breathing and stretching different poses. Vinyasa involves more movement and is more challenging. But both classes are suitable for beginners. Be sure to mark classes as for beginner students.

There are a variety of yoga styles available and deciding on the best one for you will determine how long you’ll stay to the style or choose to leave it out. Test different instructors until you discover one that you like. Explore different styles, that encompass vinyasa Iyengat, ashtanga bikram, kundalini, power anusara, kripalu moksha and more.

How do you Start? Gym Studio, Home or at the Gym?

Learn from an experienced yoga instructor in Hanoi is hard to beat and so taking a beginner class at the local gym or studio is a great idea. Classes at the gym usually focus more on physical exercises, whereas classes in the studio focus on more the mind, body, and spiritual aspects such as chanting meditation, and breathing along with yoga asanas.

If you do not have the means to begin by taking a live Yoga class at Hanoi the best option is to try is on the yoga classes online  from your home using Ashcoha. Yoga decks and books are great to learn about the methods and particulars of poses. There are also a lot of great sources for beginners on the internet, such as instruction in the form of classes and step-by step instructions.

5 Yoga Poses: Yoga for Beginners

Here are five great yoga postures that can help in sculpting the core, strengthen through your belly as well as the glutes, side waist and back, and create an incredible solid base that will last for years to come.

Plank Pose

Ideal for those who are new to yoga with a simple motive and good for exercise routine What else do I have to say. Most often used as a shift trigger and is great for keeping flowing during your next set of postures. Keep your connection with the plank cause, and your future may, surely enough, be strong enough to have great abs.

Side Plank

A robust wrist and arm joint, the aspect plank effect increases the strength of the obliques, while abdominal muscles work to stabilize the entire body. This results in a greater body-wide awareness and physical exercise. It improves your flexibility, which results in greater results. It can also help the practice of advanced yoga postures.

Pose of a Dolphin

Dolphin causes work the abdominals while toning shoulders, legs, and arms. If you lift weights or play on a computer or play video games, you may notice wrist pain. Ideal for reducing the strain over the joint of your wrist, while maintaining all the benefits especially of downward dog. Dolphin’s cause is a fantastic supplement to your exercise routine.

If you’ve ever seen yoga reception, there’s one program I would not recommend more than Yoga Burn. It’s called the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge was designed for women starting from absolute beginners to fitness novices. It was created to give you amazing results, and also to provide the right way to tone from your glutes and abs. Go give it a shot to inform ME how the experience went.

Boat Pose

A deep hip and ab skeletal muscle device the boat cause targets each tiny (and large) muscles in your abdominals. It helps build balance, and is particularly useful when you sit for long amounts of time, the boat cause could help you work on those lazily deep flexors.

Pose of the Warrior III

Warrior poses III helps stretching and strengthen your abdomen, body, and the spine. It is also great for improving your stability and concentration. This is among many that help create an enduring foundation that helps to increase your confidence when you take on new postures.

It is not a guarantee that these the only yoga poses which will determine your core. However, they’re great for people who are new to yoga. One good source I would recommend looking for is “Poses for abs”. These poses are essential along with instructions for each. If you’re interested in these poses, don’t forget to share this article with your friends. We’ll certainly enjoy it.

Ashocha is the simplest and most cost-effective method to get fit. It’s the latest method to incorporate exercises into your routine while allowing yourself to take control. You can look up fitness centers to select from the wide variety in Yoga Nidra Classes & Online yoga for beginners. Then, you can purchase the appropriate pass to meet your needs for exercise.

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About Yoga Classes For Beginners

Ashocha’s classes for basic yoga for beginners classes is exactly what you need to get started with yoga. Practice yoga from the convenience of your home and at your favourable timings. Through our one-on-one sessions, our experienced instructors will guide you through the journey at each step.

She Is Doing Yoga For Beginner

Benefits of Yoga for Freshers

Yoga will holistically work to strengthen your body and mind. Other benefits you’d experience soon after a few classes are:

Flexibility & Balance

Ashocha’s yoga classes for beginners focus on improving the flexibility and balance of your body. Each class is customised as per your body’s particular needs.


Relaxed mind

Say hello to a rejuvenated mind and body. Practice a simple yoga for new commers routine regularly and say goodbye to anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.


Better Body Posture

Body posture issues like rounded shoulders, back pain, spinal dysfunction, or joint degeneration; yoga can help remedy them and improve your body posture in general.


Overall wellness

Ashocha’s simple and basic yoga for beginners programme will bring you many health benefits. These include improved metabolic functions, better cognitive, mental and emotional health.


Enhanced endurance

Improve your physical, physiological and mental stamina and endurance with yoga. Our personalised yoga for beginners programme will set a comfortable pace for your workouts.


Energized Body

Particularly useful for people living a sedentary lifestyle. Our instructors will guide you through some simple power poses that will lift your energy and mood.

FAQs of Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginners workout is a combination of some basic yoga poses which everyone can do. It is designed to focus on all body parts. Anyone who wants to start a healthy routine can join our yoga for beginners programme.

You do not need anything except for a comfortable space, yoga mat, water bottle, clean towel and comfortable clothes to practice yoga. These things will make your yoga sessions comfortable. Apart from these, you do not need any specific equipment.

The major tip to remember is “BREATHE.” Always breathe through your nose unless specifically asked by the instructor. Wear comfy clothes and keep yourself hydrated. Warming up before your practice is a must. Do not overdo yoga to avoid injuries

There are many simple yoga poses, and each has some associated benefits. For example, Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 yoga poses to de-stress, strengthen and improve flexibility of your body. Tadasana, Chaturanga, Dandasana are some other simple poses.