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Yoga For Migraine

Everyone gets a headache or throbbing pain at one time, which is usually healed in a few hours. However, constant migraines can become a debilitating issue and require Yoga for headache relief. 

Ashocha's Yoga for Migraine

Migraine headaches are a type of vascular headache (blood vessels). Migraine headaches can be caused by vasodilatation, which is an enlargement of blood vessels. The temporal artery expands during a migraine attack. The temporal artery lies just below the temple skin on the outside of your skull. The temporal artery is enlarged to stretch the nerves around it and release chemicals. These chemicals can cause pain and inflammation as well as further enlargement. Pain is magnified by the increasing size of the artery. Yoga for migraine.

These causes headaches that can be severe or intermittent on either one or both of the sides of the head. They may also be associated with nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light (photophobia), visual disturbance and flashes (“aura”), increased sensitivity to sound and phonophobia, dizziness, blurred sight, cognitive disturbances and other symptoms. These symptoms may be present in migraines, but not always with headaches.

Yoga For Migraine – Natural Remedy

Many people use yoga as a natural remedy for migraines. Yoga, a low-impact fitness program that originated in India, focuses primarily on breathing, posture and flexibility. It is crucial to get a complete health check before you start any type of exercise or yoga program. You must ensure that your migraines do not stem from another health problem.

Tension is a major cause of severe headache pain. This is why yoga is so effective. It is an excellent form of tension relief. You should not expect to see your pain and symptoms disappear in one session. You will need to continue practicing and taking part in sessions. You will begin to see the benefits of this type of exercise, including the stretches and poses that are designed to ease headache pain.

Yoga is an excellent natural remedy for migraines. It will improve your posture, flexibility and breathing, and reduce the medication you use for pain relief.

Migraine Symptoms

You may notice subtle changes a day or two prior to a migraine. This could be a warning sign of upcoming migraines:

  • Constipation
  • Mood changes: From depression to euphoria
  • Food cravings
  • Stiff neck
  • Increased thirst and urination
  • frequent yawning
  • aura

Alternative Treatments for Migraine

Migraines can be a disruptive, painful, and upsetting medical condition that affects many people. Migraines are a severe and debilitating condition that can cause headaches, blurred vision, poor coordination, depression, anxiety, or other serious health issues. It can impact your ability to socialize with others, work, exercise, and even develop relationships. Long-term use of strong anti-anxiety and painkillers can lead to addiction. Many migraine sufferers find relief through alternative therapies such as acupuncture and magnets. Below are detailed descriptions of each one.

  • Acupuncture
  • Magnet Therapy
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Stress reduction therapies

8 Yoga Asanas for Migraine & Headache Relief

Yoga to relieve migraine – Yoga promotes holistic living by combining postures with breathing techniques. Yoga is an effective way to combat migraines. Yoga is a great option for migraine relief. These five asanas will help relieve migraine headaches. These asanas can be practiced in the morning. Try to do three to four repetitions.


  • Standing Forward Bend – Hastapadasana
  • Bridge Pose – Setu Bandhasana
  • Child Pose – Shishuasana
  • Cat Stretch – Marjariasana
  • Two-legged Forward Bend – Paschimottanasana
  • Downward Facing Dog Pose – Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Lotus Pose – Padmasana
  • Corpse Pose – Shavasana

About Yoga for Migraine Programme

The idea for Yoga came to us seeing the increasing trend of young people complaining about headaches. The modern lifestyle is putting a lot of stress on our nervous system and brain. It seems to be a systematic issue that is only growing; subsequently, we started the Yoga for headache programs. There are a wide variety of features that the program packs like- 
Trainer doing yoga to control migraine

Benefits of Yoga for Migraine

Yoga exercises for migraine are highly effective and help you avoid getting throbbing pain in your brain. There are a wide variety of benefits of Yoga for migraine and headache


Ensure better blood flow

Hastapadasana Setu Bandhasana Shishuasana yoga poses for migraines will ensure better blood circulation and bring relief.


Improved breathing capacity

We do breathing exercises that are highly effective for Yoga for headache but also makes your lungs stronger. Ensure higher oxygen levels in your blood for maximum vitality.


Anxiety issues

If you are having frequent headaches, it could be that you have severe anxiety issues that need to be resolved.


Stimulate your Nervous System

If you have an Aura migraine, our Yoga courses are highly effectively stimulates the nervous system. We use vibrational therapy for titillating the nerve system to avoid migraines.


Flexibility and strength

While doing asanas for migraine, you will become more flexible and gain strength in your muscles.


Higher general immunity

Your immunity level will improve significantly with yoga exercises for migraine. It is just one of the bonuses of becoming a yogi.

FAQs of Yoga For Migraine

You can use any one of the Yoga poses we teach in the middle of a migraine attack. It can give you some relief but don't expect it to stop an attack. For reducing attacks, you have to do Yoga for migraine headaches for some time.
It could be that you're stressed out about work, causing the headache, or you have some eyesight issue. If it is stress-related, consider doing yoga poses for headaches and stress relief.
There are a wide variety of reasons that could range from mental to genetic problems in someone. The most common form of migraine happens due to either temporary reduction inflow of blood or nervous system issues.
Some of the poses might seem extremely challenging and require great flexibility. However, there is nothing to worry about; talk to our expert and start with simple exercises. Slowly build yourself up for success.