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Yoga For Thyroid

The thyroid is an organ responsible for the healthy production of hormones and influences every part of our body. If you have any issues relating to your thyroid, then Ashocha’s Yoga to cure thyroid program will prove to be an effective cure.

Ashocha’s Yoga for Thyroid Program

Yoga is a healing method that incorporates both theory and practice. (Yoga For Thyroid​) It is a blend of breathing techniques (pranayama) and physical poses (asana) and deep relaxation (yoga Nidra) along with meditation (dyana) that has been which has been practiced for more than 5500 years. While Yoga was originally a religious practice within Hinduism however, it is now practiced in the Western world, it has become an entirely physiological as well as mental, psychological and spiritual practices. The majority of yoga practices that are practiced in west are not in any way related to or have anything to relate to Hinduism and are merely the practice of keeping all levels of human being healthy and healthy. This is just a small part of the larger concept of yoga. As we practice yoga we are able to recognize the interconnection of our spiritual, mental physical and emotional levels. Gradually, this awareness will lead us to a greater appreciation of the more intimate aspects of our lives.

Yoga practice can prevent certain diseases and illnesses by keeping meridians of energy (nadis) active and the life the energy (prana) moving. Yoga is thought of as an exercise for the mind, body and soul that is employed to diminish the effects on health of stress in general.

Yoga Exercises for The Thyroid

Yoga is a great alternative to healing that is well-suited to the requirements for thyroid sufferers. Yoga’s gentle stretching and focus in breathing could be practiced by anyone and provides immediate results for energy levels, less stress and more in terms of calmness and overall harmony.

There are many yoga poses which help the thyroid gland to function effectively. The various body systems can be controlled through the hypothalamus as well as the pituitary gland. In yoga, it’s linked via your chakra, visshudda which is related to your communication abilities.

Yoga is more than just exercise. It aids in bringing the body, mind and spirit to a state of harmony. It’s a great option to treat patients suffering from thyroid issues. Thyroid problems develop within the body when thyroid glands aren’t functioning in a proper way. The thyroid glands are unable to make the hormone necessary for controlling metabolism in the proper amount.

Yoga exercises for the thyroid that anatomically concentrate on the neck and throat region. The biggest neck gland is the thyroid gland, and it controls the metabolism of the body. Certain yoga poses position the body in a way to stimulate the throat or press the thyroid region on the upper part of the neck with breathing and movement.

Yoga Poses to Help Your Thyroid

A majority of these poses are thought to stimulate the throat. They’re believed to boost the flow of energy and circulation around the thyroid. They also increase the flexibility and strength of the neck.

Make sure you respect the limits that your body has to offer. Be gentle and easy on yourself. You can modify or alter the poses to meet your preferences. You don’t need to try all the poses in one go. You can practice one or two poses throughout the day.

Supported shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand is usually the first yoga pose recommended to treat thyroid problems. Since it’s an inversion it improves the flow of blood to glands located in the upper part of the body. It’s believed to have positive effects on the effectiveness of thyroid. Furthermore, the way your chin is placed into your chest while in this posture is believed to help the thyroid’s function.

Plow Pose

When you do plow poses the thyroid is believed to be stimulated in the same way that it does when you stand. It might be simpler to perform plow posture.

Fish Pose

Fish pose is the ideal alternative to the shoulder stand. It’s more accessible and could be practiced by itself.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

Viparita Karani, also known as legs-up-the-wall pose is a restorative inversion. It does not put tension on the neck, and is appropriate for the majority of people. It’s a good choice as it’s non-invasive and helps bring your balance back.

Cat-Cow Pose

The fluid motion that occurs in cat-cow poses is believed to stimulate the thyroid gland. The act of bringing your chin to your chest, and then opening the throat chakra increases blood flow to this region.

Boat Pose

The neck’s position in a boat pose is believed to have an impact on your thyroid.

Camel Pose

The extended neck in camel posture is said boost the thyroid gland, and boost circulation to the area.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose provides gentle stimulation to your thyroid gland. It’s not as strenuous than some poses that require you moving your head completely back. It’s still ok to completely release your neck in this position and let it sink back. Make sure that you feel at ease.

Bow Upwards (wheel) Pose

Wheel pose is believed by many to be a way to open the heart, that is, it provides you with energy. It also boosts the flow of energy to the thyroid area when your neck expands.

Corpse Pose

Although this pose might appear simple but it is difficult to sit in complete stillness for long periods of time. This posture lets your body rest in total relaxation and fully supported.

Corpse pose can provide total relaxation. It’s an excellent way to unwind and relax. It allows you to feel the tension that you’re putting within your body. Focus on the breath that is moving throughout your body.

Pay attention to how your body is feeling. You can do this at least 25 minutes. You can choose to practice a an Yoga nidra or guided meditation when you are lying in corpse position.

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About Yoga for Thyroid Programme

We conduct Yoga for thyroid patients and teach them ancient yoga asanas for thyroid rejuvenation. Our thyroid exercises have been conducted by professionals teaching Yoga and wellness for more than a decade. Here are some of the features you can expect by joining our program-

Yoga instructor doing yoga for Thyroid

Benefits of Yoga For Thyroid

Yoga as a form of thyroid exercise is highly effective because it improves every part of the body. Every part of the body is recharged to ensure there are no blockages that might affect the gland. Counteract not only the symptoms of thyroid issues but cure them entirely. 


Yoga for Hyperthyroidism

An overactive thyroid gland can cause sudden mood swings and sudden loss of weight, proving to be worrisome. Yoga for people with thyroid significantly reduces the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels in the body to a healthy state.


Avoid the removal of the Thyroid gland

Frequently thyroid gland has to be removed from the body because it is now beyond cure. However, we believe that the role of Yoga is to cure the thyroid. With months of Yoga and a healthy diet, you might not require thyroid gland removal surgery.


Yoga for Hypothyroidism

The low levels of hormonal output in the underactive thyroid gland can cause severe gut issues and fatigue. Yoga asanas for the thyroid lead to a more active thyroid and reduce its symptoms.


Keep tabs on heart and cholesterol

Diabetes can cause your heart to get highly compromised and lead to cardiac arrests. Yoga for diabetes ensures better blood pressure management and reduces the chance of a heart attack.


Avoid cancerous tissues and cells

These minor organ issues can be fatal as cancerous cells start cultivating in the body tissues. Yoga for the thyroid is a crucial weapon against cancer and other diseases.

FAQs of Yoga for Beginners

The thyroid is situated in the neck of a person; subsequently, the vibrations of our throat affect the gland. We take advantage of it by simulating it through chants that vibrate the thyroid at a higher frequency.
It depends on various factors regarding your age and stamina to conduct exercises. We don’t want to push you to the breaking point and try to ensure comfort.
Natural healing takes time and patience for the effects to settle in. Yoga for thyroid patients is a step-by-step process instead of a magical cure.
Not that long if you keep practicing and working on improving your flexibility and strength in your body.