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Yoga Classes for Corporate

Ensure that your employees are completely fit and healthy through our Ashocha’s yoga for corporate programs. We promise that employers will see a much more efficient workforce and fewer sick days. Yoga Classes for Corporate.

Ashocha's Yoga for Corporates Program

We believe that health is a basic right for all and constantly search for ways to get it to everyone. Our yoga classes for corporate is part of our strategy to make the yogic way a household name. Become part of the healthy work culture movement by conducting Ashocha’s Yoga for Corporates Program

About Yoga For Wellness Programme

Most corporate jobs often require sitting at our desk for hours on end and the stress of fast-approaching deadlines. We have designed our corporate yoga classes with the idea of completely focusing on relaxation and basic health.
Yoga Classes for Corporate

Benefits of Yoga for Corporates

Yoga for corporate is the easiest and simplistic way to create a positive and motivational work environment in companies. Employees can do corporate online yoga anywhere they have access to the internet. We have designed best online yoga classes in india for you to get relax and unwind. There is a wide variety of benefits of conducting yoga.

Avoid carpal tunnel syndrome

It is quite a serious disease that affects more than 10 million people all around the globe due to workplace work. The symptoms tend to be acute pain and numbness in the hand, arm.


Build a sense of community and harmony

Conducting yoga in offices helps in building a much more positive association and community. Employees will feel more like a family than employees at a large multinational firm.


Avoid Burnout

The corporate culture has a negative tendency associated with being burnt out and tired due to workload. Yoga in corporate culture significantly helps in avoiding burn culture and reduces the number of employees quitting their jobs.


Fewer insurance payouts

Many corporate companies have to pay for the employees' health costs, so their health is directly related to your wealth.


Enhanced Cognitive Abilities

People who tend to take part in Corporate for yoga programs tend to be more present and sharp. Ensure your workplace is at its peak mental state to provide maximum productivity.


Work from home wellness

If your employees are working from home, then it's easy to get unhealthy and gain weight. Very important to mandate yoga programs to avoid shaping work force.

FAQs of Yoga Classes for Corporate

Ideally 2-3 times a week and once they have taken part try to promote them to do it themselves. Try to build a culture that promotes physical activity whenever it's possible.

Spend at least an hour of meditation and yoga sessions. It is important to dedicate a good amount of time to ensure that they feel rejuvenated at the end.
Yes, absolutely everyone in the management should be present in the yoga sessions. The higher-ups have a responsibility to be the role if they don't show up, It creates cynicism among employees.
The yoga will be fairly rudimentary to ensure that everyone can do it with complete ease. The idea is to promote healthy living and make them feel motivated to do exercises on their own time.