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Yoga For Kids

Sign-up your kids with Ashocha’s Yoga for children classes for their improved mental & physical health. See them more disciplined, calm and active with Aschocha’s yoga classes. Our skilled and experienced yoga instructors understand the importance of yoga for kids.

Ashocha’s Yoga For Kids Classes

Ashocha’s Yoga for kids classes are for children aged between 4 to 15 years. Ashocha has thoughtfully hand-picked the yoga poses for kids to make their yoga sessions fun and engaging and keep them interested. We specialize interactive and engaging sessions of yoga for beginners kids specifically. Our instructors understands that it could be little tricky and difficult for a newly enrolled child to catch up the things quickly; therefore, we prefer giving a required extra attention to them to make them enjoying yoga. 

Benefits of Yoga For Kids

Ashocha’s Yoga for children program is exactly what you need to get your children started in yoga. Our learned instructors keep the sessions interactive and provide the kids step-by-step guidance. The chosen yoga poses for kids provide them to learn smoothly while enjoying. 

Here are some of the features you can expect from our courses-

Trained kids doing yoga for flexibility

Importance of Yoga For Kids

Ashocha’s Yoga classes for kids will help in a holistic development of your child and strengthen their mind and body. Here are some of the benefits of yoga for kids that you should know. 


Enhanced Focus & Memory

The yoga steps for kids require them to focus on their movement, breathing and memorizing them which translates into their lives in general, like academics.


Teaches Discipline

The yoga steps for kids when followed diligently by children, they learn discipline as they work hard with determination and perseverance to perfect a pose.


Improved Strength & Flexibility

Yoga takes strength- mental and physical. A regular practice will find your kids with improved physical abilities like flexibility, strength, stamina and general overall fitness.


Teaches Self Awareness

While performing yoga poses, children get to know about their bodies and their capabilities. It also helps them deal with the changes in their bodies.


Enhanced Emotional Regulation

While performing yoga poses, the children learn to stay in the present moment while they feel calm and relaxed. This helps in better emotional regulation.


Improves Self-Esteem

Perfecting a yoga pose, performing a challenging pose, improved strength, flexibility, balance, etc. will help in giving children a sense of accomplishment and personal empowerment.

FAQs of Yoga for Kids

The yoga for Kids programme involves yoga poses much like the general yoga classes for adults. BUT, the poses here focus more on creativity and bringing movement in life instead of doing perfectly aligned poses. It’s fun, spontaneous, and light-hearted.
Of course! For physical needs, Yoga poses can be modified and performed using props like blocks & straps to ease into a pose. For learning needs, everyone learns at their own pace. Yoga is a self-practice for personal physical & mental progress.
Yoga is for everyone, and that means even a toddler can practice and benefit from yoga. But since it requires following the instructions to perform the poses, Ashocha gives proper guided classes to 4 year olds and older than that.
Families are also a major beneficiary when kids practice yoga. Kids become physically active, more focused, disciplined and have an enhanced self-esteem. With Ashocha, they’ll spend their screen time practicing yoga. It can also enhance their communication with the family.