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Why do most of the women in India suffer from obesity?

A Women Is Practicing Yoga

What happens when your mom, wife, sister, or any female member leaves the house and you are stuck with your father, brother, or son?   

  • The house becomes chaotic.  
  • You lose control over things.  
  • You can’t find your belongings.  

Precisely, it’s a mess!  

She works so smoothly that we often fail to realize that her presence makes things organized. We can’t even imagine how much she sacrifices to keep up that. One of the most crucial things she risks is her health. This is why 44.3% of women are more prone to obesity than men. They have such a tight schedule that they mostly choose to overlook their health.   

If a woman is a homemaker, her job is to work and maintain the home as a peaceful place to live for family and look after their health. The scene becomes a little more complicated with a working woman as she has to balance both things. The easiest way to sort out timing that women generally choose is to ignore oneself.   

Although it can be dealt with by joining yoga classes online, very few ladies are concerned about their health. It should also be kept in mind that their body mechanism is also very different and complicated.   

Let’s discuss some of the common reasons that are the prime reason for obesity in women in India:  

Irregular eating habits

One of the most common things you will notice around these women is irregular eating habits. Sometimes, it’s house chores that restrict them from eating, and sometimes their family member waits to accompany them. It disturbs the daily habit of eating and hence disturbs the functionality of metabolism.  

Eating late

Also, most of the time, it happens instead of eating when they are hungry. They prefer to wind up their chores and then proceed with their meal. This is unhealthy, and sometimes this results in obesity.   

Excessive eating

This issue is primarily found in working-class ladies. We somehow start nurturing the habit of excessive eating while staying in the office. It could be because of peer pressure, office parties, potlucks, etc. Also, eating excessively and mostly unhealthily is a prime reason for weight gain. Most of the time, eating and static position also contribute to fat submission.   

Menstrual bloating

4 out of 10 women experience bloating while they are on their periods. This bloating also becomes a persistent issue that hi-fis weight gain. It has been noticed that women who learn yoga online tackle the issue with ease and efficiency. Yoga helps you to stay fit and regulates your cycle. It helps in lessening the pain and helps you avoid bloating.   

Post-pregnancy weight gain

Often due to the notion that the more you eat, more the baby will be healthy, women in India are stuffed with food and fat supplements like ghee, butter, etc. This sometimes adds to a lot of weight gain during pregnancy and mostly post that.   


Menopause is a Women centric disease. It comes with a good rollercoaster ride of hormonal imbalance. This ends up giving you fatigue, weight gain, etc. Being a regular at yoga for obese Beginners could resolve this at a definite limit. Yoga helps to balance your hormones and manage your weight.  


It is a mental illness that adds to wait. Being in a mental state where food might only be the thing that suits the best. This can lead you to have an unhealthy schedule and habit. Plus, the movement becomes nominal.   

These are a few reasons Indian women are more prone to weight gain.   

Women already have a complicated body mechanism and need a lot of care to make it work smoothly. There are so many programs for female weight loss yoga for beginners.   

Benefits of yoga for beginners in their weightless journey:  

  • It starts the journey slowly and prepares your body gradually. 
  • Enhances flexibility and cuts fat.
  • Helps in toning the and further brings it in shape  
  • It helps in balancing hormones   
  • Gives you a healthy lifestyle.  

How can you steal time for yoga?  

Defiantly there are time crunches that lead us women to sacrifice their health, but these tips will help you steal time for yourself:  

  • Post getting up, take out 10 mins daily for your yoga practice: gradually increase your time  
  • If you have an office to rush to, follow corporate yoga and practice seated yoga asanas.   
  • If you have a calm time in the afternoon when everyone is off to school and offices, you can treat yourself to that time with yoga.  

There is no doubt that there are difficulties adapting to a new routine. But when it is for health, it’s worth giving a shot. This is not selfishness but self-love. A happy you is the key to a happy family. If you are healthy, fit, and fine, so will your family.