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What Are The Most Common Health Problems In India?

In a diverse country with diverse mindsets, cultures, and eating habits, one thing is common, DISEASES. With an unhealthy lifestyle and routine, we are adapting to malady unconsciously. Being a food enthusiast and the nature of work, especially the corporate one, the chances of workout grow zero. Despite versatile options like online yoga classes, people are lackadaisical about their health and take advantage of such benefits.  

We must be aware of some common diseases we subliminally invite to raid our immune system. Some people debate that their work routine is stringent enough that they don’t need a workout routine. But according to a study of doctors, it has brought into the limelight that the stringent work we do regularly works only for a certain period. Post that it becomes a routine for the body and hence it adapts itself according to that. The job fails to affect the weight or health of the body.   

This brings us to the conclusion that a regular dedicated workout routine is essential no matter how work-driven our occupation is. Here are some of the most common diseases in India that continue affecting people.  


  • Anxiety is running like an epidemic these days. One of the most horrifying facts about this disease is that it primarily targets youth.
  • According to a survey, 22.8 % of youth suffer from severe anxiety ageing (18-25), 43.5% suffer from mild, and 33.7 % are from moderate. These givers are horrifying enough to haunt you thinking about the outcome.
  • Harsh medication that only makes you feel tired and sleepy etc. Often it takes a few days to get used to these medicines.   



  • Failure at work, a failing relationship, or maybe peer pressure could be a reason for your depression. Depression is not a phase that will pass.
  • According to a study, 21% of people aged 18-29 suffer from depression, 18.4 % aged 45-64, 16.8% aged 30-44, and 18.4% 65 and above. These are some severe statistics that reflect the seriousness of the disease.
  • The point that worsens the situation is that these percentages are gradually increasing.   


  • Hypertension has two repercussions one is high Blood Pressure, and the other is low Blood Pressure. As the name of the disease reflects.
  • Due to excessive tension and mental break, your blood pressure shoots down or up. This can lead to cardiac arrest or heart stroke.
  • According to WHO, 27% of deaths are the root cause of hypertension. It is also stated that 45% of people aged 40-69 are most affected.   


  • Nowadays, due to social media, misleading is absorbing the limelight. In the name of “accepting one in their size,” they promote unhealthy habits and influence others to sustain the weight gained.
  • Yes, body shaming someone is never accepted, but self-realization is essential. Obesity never comes alone. It brings so many other acquaintances along.
  • High blood pressure, type2 diabetes, coronary diseases, stroke, osteoarthritis, high LDL, cholesterol, and gallbladder are a few references, but the list never ends. So, instead of excepting your body, treatment is needed.   

Women’s centric diseases:  

  • Although these are diseases that are common in women equally, there are some women-centric issues too that affect their health. PCOD and PCOS are detected in every 3 out of 7 girls.
  • Due to elevation in stress levels, the very first thing that gets disturbed in a female is their menstrual cycle. A part of that thyroid is also at max found in females. These issues hinder their physical as well as mental health.
  • Weak fertility is also a significant concern in females. It has been noticed that women who are a part of live online yoga classes in India are much healthier and have resolved these issues.   

These are some common diseases found in people these days there are some primary reasons that these diseases are now becoming so common. We need a natural way of healing. Though now we have an option to learn yoga online, we still don’t find time for ourselves. There are many benefits of yoga classes online. Here are some of the other issues that lead to bad health:  

  • Unhealthy eating habit  
  • Unhealthy routine  
  • Ignorance of physical workout  
  • Ignorance of mental health  
  • Lack of communication regarding the workout 

The persistent issue in us is that until it is severe enough that it alarms, we sit and wait for things to go arduous.   

How can we curb these things at the initial level and avoid them becoming uncontrolled? The very first thing is that you need to have discipline and dedication to be better. Second, adopt Yoga and Pranayama. You don’t have to worry, as there are specific yoga classes for beginners.   

Yoga has proved itself as the best physical fitness routine not only in India but in the world. It doesn’t treat your diseases; it heals you. Yoga works as the root cause of your diseases. Where yoga rectifies your physical issues, Pranayama helps you to stay mentally balanced. There are asanas for all such diseases and logical and scientific ability to treat them.   

Is yoga time-consuming?  

This is a cliché myth that misguides people. You need to stay true to your routine if you need results, which implies in every workout. The results will be as expected if you are trustworthy and loyal to your practice.   

In a nutshell, health is the essential thing that, if once damaged, can never be retrieved. So, take care of yourself and choose the right technique to maintain your health.